The Oregon Consular Corps is an organization consisting of consuls general, consuls honorary, vice-consuls honorary, consul emeriti, and ex officio members who have represented or do represent governments of foreign nations in Oregon.

Oregon Consular Corps

Welcome to the Oregon Consular Corps!


Members of the Oregon Consular Corps are committed to improving relations, communications, understanding and trade between nations, peoples and regions  of the world. Nearly 30 foreign nations maintain consulates in Oregon.


A consul is an official appointed by a government to live in a foreign city to look after the business and other interests of the home country and to assist and protect its nationals within the consular territory.


Oregon has had Consular Services for over a century, with Consular representatives stationed in Portland, for the most part, having jurisdiction extending throughout the Western United States from Portland.


For assistance from a Consul General or an Honorary Consul, please consult the listing of consuls for a representative of the country in which you have an interest.

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