The Oregon Consular Corps is an organization consisting of consuls general, consuls honorary, vice-consuls honorary, consuls emeriti, and ex officio members who have represented or do represent governments of foreign nations in Oregon, as well as representatives of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Seattle.


Current Officers

The officers of the Corps consist of a Dean, a Vice-Dean, a Secretary,

and a Treasurer. They are elected at the Annual Meeting to serve for a term of one year or until their successors take office. Only voting members may be an officer of the Corps. No country may have more than one officer at any time.


The Dean presides at all meetings and other events of the Corps, and may

appoint members to committees to perform work on behalf of the Corps. The Dean communicates to the Corps such matters and makes suggestions that promote the general welfare and encourage the usefulness of the Corps and performs such other duties as are necessarily relevant to the office. The Dean, or Dean’s designee, is the Corps’ representative at external events and on external committees and boards.


The Vice-Dean performs all duties of the Dean in the Dean’s absence or inability to serve.


The Secretary keeps the minutes and other records and conducts the

correspondence of the Corps. The Secretary keeps a complete and accurate membership list, available to other members upon request. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the archive of the Corps.


The Treasurer collects all assessments, deposit all funds of the Corps and reports on the financial affairs of the Corps at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer, in cooperation with the Dean, also submits a report of the transactions and condition of the association at the Annual Meeting.


The Gala Chair, consisting of the Dean, Vice-Dean, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past Dean, supervises and directs the affairs of the association between meetings, executes the policies and decisions of the membership, actively pursues the association’s objectives, and has discretion in the disbursement of funds. It may adopt such rules for the conduct of its business as deemed appropriate, and may, in the execution of powers granted, appoint subcommittees or agents to work on specific activities or reports.


The Gala Chair is responsible with chairing the annual Celebrate Trade gala, an event that recognizes the significant contribution of local  trade companies and raises funds for scholarships awarded each year to eight deserving students from Oregon universities.




James Rudd

Honorary Consul, Romania

Vice Dean

Robert Manicke

Honorary Consul, Germany


John Blackwell

Honorary Consul, Malaysia


Randy Miller

Honorary Consul, Lithuania

Gala Chairman

John Blackwell

Honorary Consul, Malaysia

Immediate Past Dean

Francoise Aylmer

Honorary Consul, France

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